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Puppies Week 4
Puppies playing video images/puppypictures/week 4/tugging on a blanket week 4.avi

Puppies Week 3

Puppies playing video  images/puppypictures/week 3/pup play 3 weeks.avi

Puppy first meal  3 1/2 weeks  images/puppypictures/week 3/3 weeks 1st meal.avi

Puppies Week 2
8 puppies are crowed at the bar.  Sometimes we do shifts of 4.  Follow the link below
images/puppypictures/week 1 and 2/18 day shift feeding lores.avi

They are getting more mobile at 18 days.  Follow the link below
images/puppypictures/week 1 and 2/18 day play.avi

At 18 days we start teaching them to lick


Boxed for transport to the vet for tail stich removal

Home from vet, full tummy, happy

Cuddle time

Here's lookin' at you

Puppies first week

To see a movie of the pups using a windows computer click the link below

images/puppypictures/lunch at 4 days fb.wmv

To see a movie using any other device click the links below.  It may have to download to watch it
 images/puppypictures/lunch at 4 days fb.avi       images/puppypictures/lunch at 4 days fb.mpg

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