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Raising Puppies

Our Doberman puppies are home bred (born and raised in our home) in an area that was designed to breed an occasional Doberman litter.  The main puppy room is shown below with our Doberman puppies.  The whelping room and feeding room is off of this play room.  There is also a full bath next to the play room.

As you can see, no matter how many toys they have, they still want to play inside of an cardboard box.  When they are a few weeks old, they start the discovery of the great outdoors.  We have over 3 acres of woods and a secure fence, so they can explore at will.   The puppies' exploration and interaction skills are taught by the mother, so the pups have the opportunity to follow her around the property.  However, they are never allowed to explore without one of us accompanying them. 

Proper human socialization is achieved by inviting friends to visit and having a puppy play day.  The pups become accustomed to meeting strangers, including children.  It is a critical time in their development and has an impact on their behavior and temperament  for the rest of their lives.    Kennel bred dogs don't have this advantage.

Conscientious Doberman breeders go through the effort to select champion parents, perform health tests, and socialize puppies to ensure correct temperaments.

doberman puppies at play well adjusted doberman puppies
doberman puppies with proper temperament doberman puppies play
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