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Ear taping, toenail care, published articles written by me,
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Ear wrapping:   We are regularly contacted about how to wrap ears after cropping.  There is a method used by every long time successful breeder.  They vary in method to some extent, but the essentials are the same.  You can see a detail version of how we wrap ears at this page ear_taping

Toenail Care:This is a procedure that should take place weekly throughout your Doberman's life.  Some dogs make it easy, others ... not so much.  It depends on how the puppy was introduced to the grinder and it's fundamental temperament.  If properly introduced, often the puppy will be easy to care for throughout its life.  However, some puppies simply resist the process and no amount of easy introduction will help.

 IWe  use a Dremel model ??? for grinding toenails.

There are two videos, one is for a puppy that has not had toenails ground.  It is important to get the puppy comfortable with the sound of the grinder without actually doing any grinding.  We have the puppy on our lap and turn on the grinder at arms length, slowly moving it towards the puppy.  As the puppy gets more comfortable with the sound let your hand that is  holding the running grinder lightly tough the puppy's body, preferably towards the back end.  When the puppy is comfortable with that (it may take a few sessions, or no extra sessions, depending on the puppy's reaction).  Once the puppy is comfortable with the grinder, you can start the process of getting it used to the feel of the grinder on the toenails.  We just barely touch the toenail, and then move to the next one  until all toenails have been touched.  In future sessions, increase the duration and pressure as the puppy becomes relaxed with the process.  This is important, because it will result in a puppy that is confident with toenail care and will resist the least.

The video has audio with my comments.  I'm sorry that the grinder overpowers my statements.  A major comment is that It is important to remember to keep one hand anchored to the other with your thumb to control the position of the grinder.   This is the video of the for the inexperienced puppy  (Sorry, this video is not available.  Will replace it in the future).

This is a video of a puppy that has had the above method of nail care introduction.  I am using a Dremel battery driven grinder, which is much quieter.   You will be able to hear my comments  (Sorry, this video is not available.  Will replace it in the future)

Informative Articles to Help You Understand the Doberman

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Download PDF Published articles authored by me:

Other Resources:The primary source for Doberman Pinscher information resides on the parent club web site, the Doberman Pinscher Club of America http://www.DPCA.org.  This site has an education section with a tremendous amount of information, valueable for those from the novice to the experience.

Another valuable resouce for dogs in general is the American Kennel Club http://www.AKC.org

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